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Create your corporate virtual challenge. Simple, effective and full of tailored options for your organisation. If you want to see if it is in your budget use our estimate calculator. This will give you a rough guide to the cost and a starting point for us to start tailoring your corporate challenge. 

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We are here to support you to make your organisation a healtier more active workplace. Through fun and interactive active virtual challenges you can increase the daily acitvity levels of your workforce. Plus with MedalMad you can also help bring teams together from anywhere in the world.

Our virtual challenge platform allows challengers to take on virtual challenges, follow friends and accept supporters, engage with each other through likes, commments and gifs, as well as messgaing words of support. 

There is a range of motvational tools including milestones, maps, progress bars and stats. All making the taking part of a MedalMad corporate virtual challenge even more enjoyable.  

Anyone can take part in a MedalMad coprorate virtual challenge. You can run, walk, roll, swim, cycle, scoot or any other way that is human powered. Though we do have some who do our challenges on horse back. 

Use our quote calculator and build your own virtual challenge. Then submit your enquiry and one of the team will be in touch.

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MedalMad is part of Active Connections. An award winning organisation that has worked across both commercial, public and charitable sectors. 

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